Coyle, Karin

Karin Coyle, Board Member of SIECUS

Karin Coyle, PhD, is the Chief Science Officer at ETR. She specializes in the development and evaluation of health promotion programs, particularly HIV, other STD, and pregnancy prevention programs. Dr. Coyle currently serves as the principal investigator on multiple randomized trials, including a middle school randomized trial that is testing the efficacy of a curriculum and social norms program focusing on adolescent relationships and related sexual behaviors (You-Me-Us), and a replication study of an evidenced-based middle school program entitled It’s Your Game. She also plays a lead role in several other evaluation projects.

Dr. Coyle has served as a principal or co-principal investigator on a number of school-based randomized trials to test the effectiveness of HIV, other STD, and pregnancy prevention programs for youth (e.g., Safer Choices, a school-based intervention to reduce sexual risk-taking behaviors among high school adolescents; Draw the Line, Respect the Line, a culturally appropriate, HIV prevention intervention aimed at middle school youth; All4You!, a multi-component intervention that features behavioral skills development and service learning; and All4You2!, a study to examine the individual and combined effects of behavioral skills and service learning).

She received her PhD from UCLA in Educational Research and Evaluation, and holds a MS and BS in Health Science.