Green, Emily

Emily Green, MA, works primarily on projects focusing on Equity and Inclusion in STEM. She researches K–12 through adult workforce with a focus on how access to resources shifts throughout this process. Prior to joining ETR she worked with youth in Santa Cruz County at IRIS Science Academy and Green STEAM Education, where her focus was on teaching hands-on science to alternatively educated students and providing rigorous science education to everyone. It is through these experiences that she discovered the inequity present in STEM education. With her research, she hopes to alleviate these imbalances.

Ms. Green received her MA from San Jose State University in Applied Anthropology. Her focus was on public spaces and the cultural and civic benefits gained from equal access to urban, open spaces. Her field site was the Guadalupe River Park Conservancy in San Jose, where she worked as a Guadalupe Guide teaching students cultural and environmental concepts.

Current Projects

Can Pair Programming Be Used to Increase Diversity in Computer Science?
Informal Learning in Computer Science: Social and Conceptual Factors Related to Women’s Persistence
Boot Camp or University Classroom? Preparing Women and Underrepresented Minorities for the Software Workforce


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