Ivie, Deborah

Deborah Ivie has worked for ETR since October 1989. She began by working on the California AIDS Clearinghouse (CAC), first as the assistant to the director, and then as the clearinghouse coordinator. When ETR began operating the Tobacco Education Clearinghouse of California (TECC), she was the coordinator of both CAC and TECC until she joined the Research Department as a research associate in 1994, where she served as the data manager on several large demonstration projects (Safer Choices, Draw the Line/Respect the Line, All4You!).

She began work as the ETR Institutional Review Board (IRB) coordinator in June of 2005, a position in which she continues to serve today. As the IRB coordinator, she provides advice and guidance on interpretation of federal regulations for IRB members; develops institutional policies and procedures for the review of research involving research participants; provides information and assistance regarding institutional regulations, policies and procedures to Principal Investigators; conducts agency-wide trainings on IRB topics; and screens research protocols for eligibility for exemption from IRB review.

Ms. Ivie has a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science from Bennington College and a Masters of Health Administration from the University of Washington.