Lepore, Gina

Gina Lepore joined ETR in 2000. She has contributed to numerous evaluation and technical assistance projects in data collection, project coordination and liaison roles. She served as data collection coordinator on the All4You2!: Addressing Sexual Behavior Among Disadvantaged Youth project, a multi-year, multi-site intervention and evaluation funded by NICHD, and as an evaluation liaison for the OFP Evaluation of the Statewide Teen Pregnancy Prevention Training and Technical Assistance project. Additionally, she worked closely with the late Douglas Kirby, PhD, on the development and pilot implementation of Promoting Sexual Health, a sex-positive HIV, STI and pregnancy prevention curriculum for young adults.

In addition to her work in program evaluation and data collection, Ms. Lepore has extensive experience in reproductive and sexual health as an educator, curriculum developer and trainer of medical students. In the spring of 2013, she travelled to China with an interdisciplinary delegation of graduate students to deliver a training on sexuality education with staff at an orphanage in Chongqing; a first of its kind at the orphanage. She also moonlights as a consultant and salesperson at a local female-owned sex-positive adult store, where she gets to help folks of diverse backgrounds find ways to achieve more satisfaction and pleasure in their lives. She is committed to bringing awareness of diversity of all types to her work as an educator, researcher and program evaluator.

Prior to joining ETR, she worked with Planned Parenthood and the Santa Cruz Women’s Health Center as a medical assistant, health educator and program coordinator. She also trained for many years in the art of Capoeira and has performed various styles of dance on local and regional stages. Her passion for movement currently leads her to the floor for extended bouts of mambo, bachata and merengue dancing, as well as yoga and bootcamp workouts.

Ms. Lepore holds a Master of Education with a Human Sexuality focus from Widener University in Pennsylvania, and a BA in Psychology from University of California, Santa Cruz, and is semi-fluent and literate in both Spanish and Portuguese. She is mother to two teenage boys, who regularly offer her opportunities for self-improvement and laughter.


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