Miller, Faye

Faye Miller is a research fellow at the Texas Freedom Network Education Fund and a
former Fulbright U.S. Student Program grant recipient. She is currently a Master of Public Affairs candidate at the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas at Austin, where she focuses on health education policy and reproductive rights domestically and in the Middle East. Miller served as the primary researcher and point of contact for school districts on this project and helped draft the bulk of the report. She completed a Bachelor of Arts in anthropology and a Bachelor of Arts in Middle Eastern studies from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, where she also completed a minor in Arabic language. Her senior capstone thesis, “Making the Private Public: Sex Education in Jordan,” ocused on culture, religion and sex education in Jordan and the Middle East. After graduating, Faye used her Fulbright research grant to study health education in public schools in the United Arab Emirates.


Wilson, Kelly

Kelly Wilson, PhD, CHES, Texas State University

“Kelly Wilson, Ph.D., CHES, is an assistant professor of health education
at Texas State University-San Marcos. She is currently a national board
member for the American School Health Association, Eta Sigma Gamma
and the National Commission for Health Education Credentialing. She is a
past president of the Texas School Health Association. Throughout her career
working with youth and adolescents in the public schools, Dr. Wilson has been
an advocate for school and adolescent health issues. She has authored seven
peer-reviewed articles and numerous state organization articles. She has offered
more than 40 presentations at conferences nationwide and has been invited to
present at several professional development workshops.
In 2009, Dr. Wilson was awarded the Martha Licata Service Award by the
Texas School Health Association (TSHA). The American Association for
Health Education (AAHE) recognized Dr. Wilson with the Horizon Award
in 2008. In 2007 she was presented the Texas A&M University – Division of
Health Education Alumnus of the Year Award. Over the last five years she
has been recognized with presidential citations awarded by the Department
of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance and the College of
Education at Texas State University-San Marcos. She is the proud wife of
James and mother of Emma Lu.”

Smoot, Samantha

Samantha Smoot took over at TFN in 1998 and left in 2004 for Washington, D. C. to work for the Human Rights Campaign, the largest homosexual organization in the country.

“Samantha Smoot coordinates the federal and state legislative efforts for the Human Rights Campaign and federal campaign work for HRC and the HRC political action committee.

Smoot, a veteran political activist and organizer, has worked on electoral and issue advocacy campaigns in the United States for the last 18 years. In 2005r, while based in Beirut, Lebanon, with the National Democratic Institute, she designed and ran a project to equip women in Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt and Palestine with the skills to run successfully for public office and to promote women’s political participation.

From 1998-2004, Smoot served as president of the Texas Freedom Network, an organization of 22,000 members that defends religious freedom and individual liberties. As a leading advocate for religious pluralism, public education and progressive public policies, she appeared on MSNBC, “ABC Nightly News,” “The O’Reilly Factor,” National Public Radio and “Donahue,” and was quoted in The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times and The Christian Science Monitor.

Smoot has worked with candidates for political office at all levels of government in 26 states in the United States. She served on the political staffs of EMILY’s List, an organization that helps elect Democratic women to the U.S. Congress and Senate, and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

In 1995, Smoot worked on Capitol Hill as administrative assistant to Rep. Ken Bentsen, D-Texas. Prior to that, she worked on the campaigns of Rep. Rosa DeLauro, D-Conn., and Sen. Debbie Stabenow, D-Mich.

A lifelong activist, Smoot has worked on campaigns for women’s reproductive rights, political participation and domestic violence prevention. She completed her bachelor’s degree in history and literature from Harvard University in 1987 and is a graduate of W.T. White High School in Dallas. Smoot’s permanent home is in Austin, Texas.


“There is a clear, well-coordinated effort to undermine the teaching of evolution in Texas classrooms.”

“Religion should be taught in the home and places of worship, rather than in public schools.”

“Intelligent design is just creationism dressed up in a laboratory coat.”

“It [the Discovery Institute] says that the theory of evolution can’t explain the diversity of life on this planet and that there must have been a designer. That is a very valid and commonly held religious perspective, but not one that is upheld by scientific evidence. Therefore it’s not one that belongs in science classrooms.”

Miller, Kathy

“Kathy Miller
President, Texas Freedom Network and Texas Freedom Network Education Fund

After first serving as the Texas Freedom Network’s deputy director from 1996 to 2000, Kathy Miller returned to the organization as president in January 2005. Kathy has also served as communications director for the Texas Council on Family Violence and National Domestic Violence Hotline and as public affairs director for Planned Parenthood Federation of Austin.

Kathy has helped build the Texas Freedom Network into a respected and influential champion of religious freedom and civil liberties in the organization’s first half-decade.

She has appeared on Texas and national television and radio and has testified before the Texas Legislature and Congress. Kathy created and directed a nationally acclaimed public awareness campaign that included television, radio and print advertising and reached thousands of Texas victims of domestic violence and connected them to lifesaving services.

Kathy believes in the tremendous strength of the grassroots and has spent her career focused on mobilizing support for important issues such as women’s reproductive freedom, children’s health care, public education and ending partner violence. Kathy has trained thousands of individuals from Texas and across the nation on media relations, grassroots organizing and mobilizing to combat radical-right political extremism.

Kathy earned a degree in political science from the University of Texas at Austin in 1991 and attended the University of Texas graduate school, studying philosophy. She is the mother of two daughters.”

Richards, Cecile

Current President of Planned Parenthood
Daughter of Ann Richards
Founder of Texas Freedom Network

“In 1995 Richards founded the Texas Freedom Network and the Texas Faith Network to “combat the anti-choice policy agenda of the extreme right in Texas.” Of her time working with the Network Richards stated,[4]

“I had the opportunity to work with fantastic faith leaders from many denominations — the most wonderful, articulate, and thoughtful folks. Some of the best people, such as TFN board member Reverend Larry Bethune of the University Baptist Church, had struggled within their own denominations with the growing political influence of the right. As we were building these networks, we found that the voice of our clergy and religious laity allowed us to reach a broader audience precisely because these leaders are committed to the politics of community and compassion. They are truly engaged in the “sacred work of justice,” as Rev. Tom Davis, a member and former chair of the PPFA Clergy Advisory Board, would say.”

As at 2012, Richards remains involved with the Network, being listed on the Board of Directors for the Texas Freedom Network.[5]


“Shortly after her mother’s electoral defeat, Cecile Richards founded the Texas Freedom Network (TFN), an organization that aimed to counter the political influence of conservative Christians, especially on school boards. ”

Texas Freedom Network
Texas Freedom Network.jpg

The Texas Freedom Network was founded by Cecile Richards in 1995 to “combat the anti-choice policy agenda of the extreme right in Texas.”[1] The “Texas Freedom Network Education Fund” serves as the activism arm of the Network.

1 Personnel
1.1 2012
1.1.1 Board of Directors
1.1.2 Education Fund Board
1.1.3 Staff
1.2 2006
1.2.1 Board of Directors
1.2.2 Staff
1.3 2005
1.3.1 Volunteers
2 Texas Faith Network
2.1 Projects
3 Donors
3.1 2005
3.1.1 10th Anniversary Fundraiser
4 References

Board of Directors

As at Sep. 2012, the following served on the Board:[2]

Phil Durst, Austin (Chair)
James Aldrete, Austin
Robert E. Jones, Austin
Paula Arnold, Houston
Audrey Kaplan, Dallas
Rev. Dr. Larry Bethune, Austin
Bob Kendrick, Austin
Rabbi Neil Blumofe, Austin
Dale Linebarger, Austin
Stephanie Chiarello, Austin
Dr. Lynn Markle, Dallas
Joni Cohan, Dallas
Ann McMullan, San Antonio
Sally Drews, Austin
Deedee Ostfeld, Houston
Hon. Sarah Eckhardt, Austin
Ann Parrish, Dallas
Jessica Epperson, Dallas
Cecile Richards, New York
Rhonda Gerson, Houston
Susan Smith, San Antonio
Diane Ireson, Austin
Tom Weber, Austin
Jesse H. Jones II, Houston
Megan Woodburn, Austin

Education Fund Board

As at Sep. 2012, the following served on the board of the Texas Freedom Network Education Fund:[2]

Rhonda Gerson, Houston (Chair)
James Aldrete, Austin
Jesse H. Jones II, Houston
Rev. Dr. Larry Bethune, Austin
Rebecca Lightsey, Austin
Rabbi Neal Blumofe, Austin
Dale Linebarger, Austin
Stephanie Chiarello, Austin
Ann McMullan, San Antonio
Joni Cohan, Dallas
Deedee Ostfeld, Houston
Phil Durst, Austin
Susan Smith, San Antonio
Jessica Epperson, Dallas
Megan Woodburn, Austin
Diane Ireson, Austin


As at Sep. 2012, the following worked for the Texas Freedom Network:[3]

Kathy Miller, President/Executive Director (since 2005), Deputy Director from 1996 to 2000
Ryan Valentine, Deputy Director
Dan Quinn, Communications Director
Jose Medina, Deputy Communications Director
Rachel Glast, Development Director
Val Benavidez, Outreach/Field Director
Shana Creeger, Annual Fund Officer
Garrett Mize, Youth Advocacy Coordinator
Sandra J. Calderon, Office Administrator


In 2006 the following worked for the Network:[4]
Board of Directors

Terry Kenyon, Chair
Diane Ireson, Vice Chair
Robert Kendrick, Treasurer
Rhonda Gerson, Secretary
James Aldrete
Paula Arnold
Val Benavidez (TFNEF)
Rev. Dr. Larry Bethune
Rev. Valda Jean Combs
James Douglas
Phyllis Dunham
Phil Durst
Diana Herrera
Marguerite Hoffman
Donna Howard
Laura Ruth Jacks
Marcia Johnson
Jesse H. Jones II
Audrey Kaplan
Rebecca Lightsey (TFNEF)
Dale Linebarger
Joy Mankoff
Neal Manne
Dr. Lynn Markle
Deedee Ostfeld
Rev. Dr. Roger Paynter
Janis Pinnelli (TFNEF)
Cecile Richards
Rev. Dr. Jim Rigby
Tanya Voss


Kathy Miller, president
Heather Alden, outreach director
Phil Dupré, political director
Dan Quinn, communications director
Kirk Rice, development director
Ryan Valentine, faith network director
Kristin Alkire, office manager
Rebecca Leal, Development/Outreach Coordinator
William Pate, research fellow
Jose Zamora, intern
Julia Austin, newsletter design


In 2005, volunteers stuffed envelopes, made calls to legislators and supporters, volunteered at the Texas Faith Network conference and at special events, testified at the Legislature and wrote letters to the editor. 2005 volunteers included:[4]

Margie S. Alford
Marion Alsup
Mitchell Alsup
Marilyn Anderson
Hansen Anderson
Bobby Apperson
Mary Armesto
Angela Arnold
Jan H. Austin
Robin Barrett
Andrea Basinski
Jane Bedford
Lauren Bennett
Deborah Berra
Jonathan Black
Valinda Bolton
Paul Bonner
Janice Boyd
Don Boyd
Carol Brady
Joe Branch
Allen Brooks
Elliott Brown
Susannah Broyles
Melissa Bryan
Norman Burbage
Leigh Ann Caldwell
Kim Caldwell
Andres Campo
Glenda Carl
C.J. Carl
Belinda Carter
Lisa Cauble
Ky Cauble
Amy Chandler
Nick Charlesworth
Nan Clayton
Mim Cohn
Mike Crouch
Luanne Cullen
Charles Cullen
Colin Cunliff
Erika Curtis
Colleen Daly
David DeJong
Christi Lynn Dennis
Delia Duffey
Virginia Duke
Aimee Edwards
Shanna Eldridge
David Enslow
Mindy Eppler
John Fitzsimons
Ken Flippin
Katie Forde
Kelly Forester
Kathleen Forrest
Dr. Martha Frede
Juli Furgeson
Amog Garadi
Ben Gardner
Donnie Garland
Becky Garrison
Rodney Gibbs
Alfred Giles, IV
Anne Willis Glickman
Andrew Austin Gooch
Emily Habermehl
Kimberly Hamlin
J. Arthur Hanna
Catherine L. Hanna
Mike L. Harris
Stephanie Hebert
Marvin Heller
Kate Herbert
Mark D. Hester
Cherie Heuser
Beverly Heyen
Gary Heyen
Darlene Hicks
John M. Hicks
Marsha L. Hogan
Tina Holmes
Jennifer Hopgood
Brent Hopkins
Lisa Huggins
Sheila Hughes
Tom Hunter
Donna Rene Johnston
Brian P. Keeper
Joey Kolker
Amy Lambert
Wendy Land
Christine Langa
Rebecca Lavender
Michael Lentz
Elizabeth Ann Letton
Tara Losoff
Ellen Macdonald
Judy MacKenzie
Serena Maddux
Sharon Majors
Joe Majors
Amara Maliszewski
Renee Mallett
Charlotte McCann
Kim McIntosh
Tracey McKergow
Dr. Standish Meacham
Helen B. Melinger
Kathi C. Miller
Banks Miller
Nancy Mims
Becky Moeller
Sandra Molinari
Sami Moran
Marc Musick
Dita Niyogi
Linda Kay Norelli
Greg Nudd
John O’Sullivan
Kathy Panton
Amy Parham
Rob Patton
Michael Pierrulla
Courtney Power
Pam Quackenbush
Casey Ray
Marshall Redmond
Jo Reichler
Kevin Riley
Joel Robbins
Wayne Rogers
Martha Rogers
Tony Romano
Allison Romano
Manny Rosenblatt
Ethyl Rosenblatt
Scott Roskilly
Nancy Rowland
Matt Sanders
Laura Sargent
Patti Schaub
Greg Schaub
Jodi Shores
Gerald Smolinsky
Marilyn Smolinsky
Sherry Sniderman
Gail Sulak
Tim Sulak
Laura Tansey
Helene Treat
George Troxell
Meghan Truckenbrod
Patrick Vilim
Lara Wagner
Courtney Watson
Justin Webb
David C. Wells
Laura Wells
Billy Wilkinson
Dana Wills
Julie Winckler
Laurie Winfield
Adrienne Witzel
Betsy Woldman
David Wood
Elizabeth Woodburn
Megan Woodburn
Steve Zelezic

Texas Faith Network

The Texas Faith Network is a project of the Texas Freedom Network Education Fund. It is a statewide group of more than 600 mainstream religious leaders. Members of the Faith Network work towards the following objectives:[5]

Involving religious leaders in the political process at the Texas Legislature and the State Board of Education;
Working with the media to ensure that the religious right is not the only representative of people of faith in the news;
Organizing and publicizing clergy statements on important political issues of the day; and
Training people of faith to speak with an effective religious voice on issues facing our communities.

Mary Ann Kaiser works as coordinator for the Texas Faith Network.[6]

Statement by Texas Religious Leaders Supporting Access to Birth Control


The following individuals and organizations made donations to the Network in 2005:[4]

Campaign Leaders:

Brown Foundation, Inc.

Supporting Partners:

Marguerite Hoffman & Robert Hoffman
Audrey Kaplan & Norman Kaplan
Maconda O’Connor
John Scanlan

Campaign Partners:

AKR Foundation
Joan & Stanford Alexander Foundation
Lisa Blue Baron & Fred Baron
Ruth McLean Bowers
John Swinton Brown, Jr.
Pat & Bob Flynn
Anne Glickman
Diane Ireson & Rowland Cook
Jesse H. Jones, II
Bob Kendrick
Gail Kodosky & Jeff Kodosky
Hon. Libby Linebarger & Dale Linebarger
Joy Mankoff & Ron Mankoff
Ginni Mithoff & Richard Mithoff
Texas State Teachers Association
Melba Whatley & Ted Whatley

Premier Associates:

Naomi Aberly & Larry Lebowitz
Cecilia Boone & Garrett Boone
Trammell S. Crow
Christine Dial & Philip Dial
Rhonda Gerson & Paul Gerson
Bette John & Mike John
Lisa Kraus & Peter Kraus
Rick Linklater
Sheila Loewenstern & Norman Loewenstern
Debbie Martin & Robert Sullivan
Nancy McGregor & Neal Manne
Ann McMullan & Jim McMullan
Janis Pinnelli & Joe Pinnelli
Edith Zinn & Robert Zinn

Supporting Associates:

Janic Boyde & Don Boyd
Deborah Bullock & Dan Bullock
Sandra Fernandes & Gary Fernandes
Judith Coffin & Willie Forbath
Ginny Galtney & Mary Ross Taylor
Donald Hammill
Laura Jacks & Tommy Jacks
Kitty Kenyon & Terry Kenyon
Susan Moffat & Nick Barbaro
Deedee Ostfeld & David Ostfeld
Nan Richie & Carl Richie
Beatrice Sager
Nancy Solana & John Solana
Colleen Terkel & Tom Terkel
Texas Federation of Teachers
Ede Weiner & Bruce Weiner
Lee Wiederholt
Peggy Winkler & Matt Winkler

Major Supporters:

James Aldrete
Paula Arnold
Maida Asofsky & Paul Asofsky
Linda Bartley & David Bartley
Karen Bartoletti
Sarah Berel-Harrop
Louise Birnberg & Gerald Birnberg
Claire Brooks & Richard Brooks
Ann Clark & Tim Price
Luanne Cullen & Charles Cullen
Ann Daughety
Amanda Dealey
Bobbie Fellers & John Fellers
Melanie Gray & Mark Wawro
Charlotte Hale & Bill Hale
Richard Hartgrove & Gary Cooper
Don Henley
Donna Howard & Derek Howard
Fran Huckaby & Brian Glenn
Marcia Johnson & Luckett Johnson
Patricia Kant & Andrew Kant
John S.W. Kellett
Carole Krist & Ronald Krist
Janey Lack & Melvin Lack
R. Lynn Markle, M.D.
Standish Meacham & Steven Salzman
Lynn Meredith & Tom Meredith
Bettye Nowlin & Bill Nowlin
Stanley Pearle
Betty Rice & Ronny Rice
Hon. Ann W. Richards
Betty Sanders
Jody Scheske
Syd Sharples
Barbara Sklar & Louis Sklar
Elizabeth Stewart & Duff Stewart
Carmen Tawil & Saleem Tawil
Trull Foundation
Gerry Tyson
Jaime Weisbrod & Carl Weisbrod
Kelly White & Bill McLellan

Freedom Fighters: Freedom Fighters make monthly gifts that help sustain the work of TFN.

Nancy Adams
Ann Alexander
Deanie Allen
Trista Allen
Marilyn Anderson
Brian Andes & Barbara G. Andes
Ted Andrews
Luigi Bai
Stephen P. Basile
Faye Blackmon & Sherril Blackmon
Cheryl Blue & Sonny Blue
Valinda Bolton
Alison W. Boone & Taylor S. Boone
Betty Bourgeois
Janice Boyd & Don Boyd
Renee Buck
James Canup
Nancy Chiczewski
Linda Conger & Carl Conger
Joan Covici
John S. Cox & M. Charlotte Cox
Molly Crawshaw
Therese P. Curtis
Earl L Dachslager
Harvey Davis & Betty X. Davis
Oak DeBerg & Joellen DeBerg
J.W. Dees
A. J. Dickerson
Jo Ann Duman
Phyllis Dunham
Andrew N. Dupuy
G. Thomas Fairclough
Lori Foster & Steven G. Foster
Juli Furgeson
Natalie Garry & Kent Garry
Suzanne Grantham & Donald Grantham
Gloria M. Gray
Sean Hale
Beryl Hall
Dianne Hardy-Garcia & Corri Planck
Belinda Hare
Lucille Harrell & Lester Harrell
Susan C. Harry
Paul Hart & Nancy L. Hart
Brendan Hayes, M.D.
Maryellen W. Hicks
W. Allan Hitchcock
Joy E. Holland
Scott Hollinger & Ann Hollinger
Leland Hopkins
Sheila Hughes
Linda Hunter
Diane Ireson & Rowland Cook
Marjorie E. James
Gayle S. Johnson
Harley Johnson
Reverend Bobbi Kaye Jones
Chris Jones
Greg Kahn & Kendra J. Kahn
Mary Dittoe Kelly
Frank Levy
Lou Ann Ligon
Abbie Lipschutz
Maudell Longwell & Jerrold W. Longwell
Rev. David Lowry & Mary Sue Lowry
Joyce D. Lynch
Nanc Macheny & William Machen
Evelyn Mackey
Barbara Materka
Sherrie Matula & Michael K. Matula
Meredith McCullough
Linda Messing
Marylou Miller
Katherine Miller
Chris Moore & Roger Moore
Jo Nardecchia
Norma Narramore & Jake Narramore
Debra Nesbitt
Leah Nico & David Hatch
Rael Nidess, M.D.
Kim Kronzer & John S. O’Brien
T. M. O’Connor
Thomas O’Reilly
Karen Parker & Daniel Tulk
Linda Parrish & Paul A. Parrish
Bob Peck & Ellen Peck
Melissa Pepper
Janis Pinnelli & Joe Pinnelli
Nancy Pittman
Dr. Richard S. Pressman & Judine Taylor
Joan Rambin
Billie Reaney & Norm Ford
Madeleine Reichert, D.M.H & Robert Zachary, Ph.D.
Rev. Dr. George M. Ricker & Frances R. Ricker
Benelle Robinson
David Rogers & Renee P. Rogers
Joan Ryan & B.W. Ryan
Beatrice Sager
Donald Sasscer & Ruth Burgos-Sasscer
Gloria Suarez Sasser
J. LaVerne Sensiba
Melanie Sherwood
Anne K. Shuttee
Paul Sicard
Robert M. Singleton
Jerry Sires
Joy Smith
Samantha Smoot
Valerie Standifer & William L. Standifer
Annette L. Stone
James M. Suarez
Tamara Talarico & Mark Talarico
Leslie C. Taylor
Allison B. Thompson
Nancy Todes
Laur Torresa & Tomas Torres
Kathryn Tucker
Tanya Voss & Sue Marriott
Mary L. Wagner
Karen Wampler & Richard Wampler
Sally M. Watkins
Hal Watson & Carol Watson
James Wesley
Elaine Wiant
Dr. David C. Wiley
Steve Wilson
James H. Wood
Rev. John F. Yeaman

10th Anniversary Fundraiser

The Network considered its Tenth Anniversary Silent Auction & Gala to be the highlight of the year. The following individuals were involved in coordinating the event:[4]


Tanya Voss
Suzee Brooks

‘Event Committee:

Sarah Eckhardt
Jodie Eldridge
Pat Ellison
Diane Ireson
Donna Rene Johnston
Judy MacKenzie
Becky Pastner
Ellen Richards
Andrea Sloan
Deana Williams

Fundraising Committee:

Katy Andre
Liz Belile
Mary Lou Bell
Margot Booth
Nettie Ruth Bratton
Kristen Brock
Robin Casey
Rowland Cook
Andrea Dalhouse
Sally Dinsmore
Liz Dunlap
Phil Durst
Sarah Eckhardt
Tricia Forbes
Naomi Freireich
Belinda Hare
Corky Hilliard
Laurie Hunt
Diane Ireson
Laura Jacks
Barbara Jones
Bob Kendrick
Terry Kenyon
Lana Lesley
Kathy Lindauer
Andy Linseisen
Kathryn Longley
Alaire Lowry
Rich Malley
Lisa Mersky
Randy Newth
Marcus Ollington
Mary Patrick
Kathy Rider
Dale Rudin
Syd Sharples

The following individuals and corporations made donations to the Silent Auction:[4]

Amie Rodnick
Amy Bumpus
Amy Urban, D.D.S.
Ann Clark: Kitchen Design Consulting
Ann Hartley
Aralyn Hughes
Art on 5th
Asleep at the Wheel
Aunt Tilly’s Restaurant
Austin Ice Bats Professional Hockey Team
Austin Lyric Opera
Austin Museum of Art
Ave Bonar
Ballet Austin
Ben Sargent
Big Red Sun
Bill & Stephanie Whitehurst
Brian Mikeska
Bruce Kirkland, Optometrist
Café Mundi
Capra & Cavelli
Carla Veliz
Charlotte’s Fiesta Flowers
Chez Nous
Clay Ways
Dan Bullock
Dave Claunch
Detour Films
Dr. Anna Chan, Abraham Veterinary Clinic
El Interior
Forte Personal Fitness
Gary Lundquest Computer Services
Gentry Custom Frames
Ginger Geyer
Henry Marquez
Hightower & Associates
Hon. Ann Richards
Hon. Elliott Naishtat
Hut’s Hamburgers
Jackie Nadler
Jan Reid
Jane Newth
Janis Pinelli
John Scanlan
Johnstone Made to Measure
Kathy Miller
Kristin Brock
Laura Jacks & Tommy Jacks
Linda Dickens
Lisa Huggins
Live Oak Brewery
Lone Star Riverboat
Magnolia Café
Marina Rusc
Molly Ivins
Nancy Pierson
Paramount Theater
Phil’s Hardwood Boxes
Randy Newth
Ruby’s BBQ
Rude Mechanicals
Russ Tidwell
Ryan McKerley
Save Our Springs
St. John
Stephen Pastner
Suzanne Bryant & Sarah Goodfriend
Terry Romano
Texas Crystal Natural Spring Water
The Hills Fitness Center
The Price Company
The Texas Observer
The Vortex
UT Performing Arts Center
Wally Workmann
Women & Their Work
Your Living Room


Clergy Voices: A Conversation with Cecile Richards, volume 10, issue 1, fall 2007 (accessed on Sep. 12, 2012)
Texas Faith Network: Board of Directors (accessed on Sep. 12, 2012)
Texas Freedom Network: Staff (accessed on Sep. 12, 2012)
Texas Freedom Network: Winter 2006 Newsletter (accessed on Sep. 12, 2012)
Texas Freedom Network: Texas Faith Network (accessed on Sep. 12, 2012)

Texas Freedom Network: Texas Religious Leaders Support Access to Birth Control (accessed on Sep. 12, 2012)



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